Add CMD+K search and navigation in minutes

Improve your self-serve UX by offering keyboard-enabled searching of help content, navigation across pages, and shortcuts to powerful actions

  • Set your style

    Choose your native font and colors so it perfectly complements your app
    Set your style
  • Plug in your content

    Add your help center, developer docs, blog etc. URLs to enable searching. Include page navigation via CSV or API.
    Plug in your content
  • Pin key actions

    Drive discoverability of key items (links and actions) in a special “Recommended” section
    Pin key actions
  • Install the code snippet

    Works for all frameworks; use a CDP like Twilio Segment or install manually via npm or Javascript.
    Install the code snippet
  • Test and launch!

    Pick your keyboard shortcut and click targets and start searching and asking!
    Test and launch!

Make your in-app UX more powerful with free universal search